Project Youth

Project Youth connects young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to housing, support and education through a variety of free programs. For over 28 years, Project Youth has operated in the Sutherland Shire and St George local government areas.

Based in Miranda, with a team of 90 paid staff and 57 volunteers, the organisation offers 22 varying programs encompassing support for youth housing and homelessness, early intervention prior to the judicial system, employment and job education programs.

“These programs are designed to support young people to find opportunities where they can determine their own future, a future where they can break free from disadvantage and thrive.” Jodie Darge, CEO of Project Youth

Now assisting up to 4,000 young people each year, with an ever growing client list, Project Youth continues its 10 year partnership with the Big Sister Foundation. Jodie Darge, the CEO of Project Youth, describes this partnership as ‘unique’ and “one that is bolstered by discussion and a true investment in the community.”

With flexible seed funding from Big Sister Foundation, Project Youth has been able to test and pilot Labour Y, an employment program for young people that are not supported by parents or traditional government funded programs.

Project Youth’s CEO, Jodie Darge explained the importance of supporting vulnerable youth, “Addressing the unique needs of these young people through vocational courses, job-readiness courses and case management removes barriers to employment for the young people involved.” Big Sister funding has enabled the program to be rolled out and tested, allowing for an iterative program redesign based on findings from the 2 year pilot program.

“The Big Sister funding allows us to test ideas to develop programs that meet needs that are not being met elsewhere. This relationship creates security and trust in a climate of uncertainty, allowing Project Youth the opportunity to serve the community with sustainable and effective programs.” Jodie Darge, CEO of Project Youth

Big Sister Foundation continues to support Project Youth by co-funding Project Educate. This innovative program  provides a the long-term solution to youth disengagement at school by offering young people alternative methods of education and support with homelessness.

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